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IR Tool

In this day and age, preparing optimal IR tools for each investor segment is essential.
We offer seamless support ranging from defining investor objectives to strategic planning, proposals and production of customized tools.

  1. IPO roadshow materials
  2. Financial results presentation materials for domestic and overseas institutional investors
    1. Company reports
    2. Database of institutional investors
  3. Financial results presentation materials for individual investors
  6. Integrated Report
  7. Annual Report
  8. Business Report
  1. Corporate Brochure
  2. Recruitment Information
  3. Website

All available both in Japanese and English

Production Processes

  • Strategic Planning
    1. Strategically valuable proposals developed from both company and investor perspectives on timely basis.
    2. Advanced strategic planning of materials that are lateral application-friendly.
  • Scenario Development
    1. Multifaceted scenarios developed by staff with extensive sell-and buy-side experience.
  • Creating Content
    1. Highlighting competence and initiatives through intuitive, user-friendly content planning.
  • Writing-Editing
    1. Create intuitive, user-friendly materials on the client-firm’s competences and aspirations generated through hearings and interviews.
  • Photography
    1. Appointing experienced professional IR photographers.
  • Design
    1. Communicating a client-firm’s culture and competences through design and related visual tools.
    2. In the case of presentation materials, projection screen visual articulation also factored in.
  • Printing
    1. Outsourcing.