This is the logo mark of Trias Corporation.

It is precisely because we live in an age of uncertainty that we strive to nurture the roots of investment over the long term.

Our Mission

At Trias, equity investments are seen as a medium through which both company and investor may enter into a stable and sustainable win-win situation.
At one level, we act as a bridge between the two, facilitating communication and interactivity, to the benefit of both. On a larger plane, however, our goal is to promote equity investment from a long-term perspective for the further development of the securities industry as a whole.
Developing a sound, informative and rewarding three-way relationship between client-company, investor and Trias―that is our founding mandate and corporate mission.

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Trias provides the following support services with more than the standard information kit centered only on a company's finances.

  1. We offer a more comprehensive review of its strengths, weaknesses and management, exploring facets and uncovering factoids that are customarily overlooked or simply unspoken―and a unique opportunity to see, hear and interact directly with top executives.


With our focus on long-term investments under any circumstances, Trias offers the following support and services for companies that share our belief and approach to equity investment.

Developing IR/PR strategies, initiatives and support

Trias helps management integrate optimally devised investor relations strategies and programs to meet the informational needs of each segment of investors, with public relations activities catering to the general consumer.

We offer solutions to these concerns We offer solutions to these concerns
Our expertise in IR consulting
IR Tool Production

Corporate Profile

Registered Name Trias Corporation
Location Head Office
Sugimura Bldg. 2F, 1-18-13 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Japan

Kyoto Desk
119-1 Shimogamomiyazaki-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto 606-0802 Japan
Established March 9, 2004
Representative Hideyo Nakano, President
Business IR/PR support to cultivate long-term investors
Access Head Office
  1. 2 minutes walk from Exit 7 of Shimbashi Station on the JR/Ginza Subway Line
  2. 1 minute walk from Exit A2 of Uchisaiwaicho Station on the Toei Mita Line
Kyoto Desk
  1. 6 minutes walk from Demachiyanagi Station on the Eizan Electric Railway and Keihan Railway lines
  2. 1 minute walk from Shin-Aoibashi Bus Stop on the Route 205 of Kyoto City Bus

Etymological Roots

Trias is Greek for trinity It represents our core vision of Innovation, Investment and Initiative, uniting them into a single agent of change to create new values and standards in equity investment in Japan.

The Trias core vision anchors and integrates our corporate values of Intelligence, Interactivity, Independence, Individual, Integration and Integrity, to stabilize and reinforce growing demand for long-term investments.

The Trias concept is also a trilogy in which our IR professionals work to match the needs of both client-companies and investors, and we continue to explore the ideal form of capital markets that enable long-term investments.

Etymological Roots